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razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?! PDF Ispis

 Vaš  komentar je  izbačen iz Najave vjenčanja

bez namjere da komentiramo Vae stavove.Ovim putem objavljujemo komentaru cijelosti ipruamo mogu?nost da se o ovoj temi porazgovara i komentira ako ima potrebe ali ne na Najavi vjen?anja.

Nek idu iz Pruda i neka se snalaze!Ja sam u Prudu, posla nema,ustvari ima ali ako ?e za nekog guzonj u koji pliva u novcima raditi dabe!!!I onako nitk o nikoga ne moe da gleda o?ima,vlada ljubomora i zavist i jedva ?ekaju da te okaljaju.Od ?ega ljudi da ive ovdje!?Prud je kao selo fantasti?an ali.. .I zato ne napadajte ljude koji nisu ovdje,jer vi koji napadate sigurno ne razmiljate ho?ete li ima ti za kruh sutra i sigurno negdje radite pomo?u sv ojih "veza" i vezica!!!

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SLIMZEET  - razoДЌarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2019-01-21 05:41:28
A round of applause for your blog post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

Soul Cbd  - razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2019-01-17 03:42:05
I've been working in the business for about a few years and I often come to your website for the best insider information. Your content probably saved my relationship. You really solved my issue. You always seem to know just what to say.

Soul Cbd  - razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2019-01-13 01:24:01
Any additional feedback? It would be really appreciated. I've read some good things here. This seems to go against what I have seen, I'm going to go ahead and try it out and I I'll share what happens. These posts really make me to think more about the world. I've just learned new things through your page. This blog was, how would one say it? Epic!

cbd oil  - razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2019-01-10 19:37:38
This really cleared this question up for me. A whole lot of things are a lot better about the country today. Are there more websites you work for? This sure is a smart way of thinking about it.

Sarkari Jobs GJV  - razoДЌarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2019-01-10 14:15:22

cbd oil  - razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2019-01-07 01:41:47
Do not get afraid to share your thoughts. I really hope they’ll inspire you to take action and improve this troubled world we live on. I'm really impressed, I have to say. How much of a change, if any, will this new event have on the current climate we are experiencing today? I am surprised at how slow your blog came up on my computer.

cbd oil  - razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2019-01-06 09:52:29
There is something about this website that is rather addictive and I would like to discover exactly what it could be. Our neighborhood is way better because you are in it. This article brings me to a new place of understanding. Here's the thing, I love your pages.

volunteer Belize  - razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2019-01-04 04:19:59
You should really be thanked for your work way more than you are. So thank you! This blog didn't really give me the exact answer I was trying to find however, this website has brought up some great points and has opened my mind on some new things. Do you ever come into issues with people copying your write ups without asking you first? Helpful blog, exactly what I needed.

Casey Woods  - razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2018-12-31 09:45:35
You really have an amazing sense of humor. Do you write this type of great content on your own or are you a member of a team? Really well written article. How in the world might this kind of thing happen? Your website seriously pumps me up.

Belize volunteer  - razočarani - Ima li posla ovdje?!   |2018-12-30 20:01:58
For many of my clients, these numbers can be even higher than that. You should really be thanked for your work way more than you are. So thank you! It is so rare to see a nice write up like this one these days. I got to be honest and say that when I first came to this site last year I was just trying to find something funny to read but this site has been really helpful and insightful. No real complaints on my end, this is simply a excellent piece.

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